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23 April, 2013

Zentai Catsuit

Zentai - a word in Japanese, meaning a kind of tight-fitting clothing covering the entire body. This name means as much as "tights on the whole body." The most common material from which are sewn zentai, is a blend of spandex / nylon. Their product is also used materials such as cotton, lycra, silk, velvet, latex, pvc.
Such suits were first developed for use in modern dance , but are now used in the arts to diminish the presence of an actor in a scene. In fact, the traditional Japanese art of puppetry called bunraku the apprentice performers are completely covered in black garments against a black background to produce the same effect. The Zentai is also used by artists as a medium to accentuate the body, sometimes using vibrant patterns. Making the artist anonymous , in representing body itself becomes the focus of attention.

07 July, 2012

Cosplay in Disguise

Ever wonder to cosplay by hiding your personal identity.  Remember the transformers, "robots in disguise."  Nonetheless, in the world of anime, and marvel comic cosplay, you can dress too without revealing your face by selecting some zentai or morph suit and mask.
Marvel Comics - Iron Spiderman and Original Spiderman - video game cosplay costumes

A Zentai ( "full-body tights") is a very close-fitting body suit, which also includes head, hands and feet (and sometimes even individual toes). Zentai consists mostly of elastic materials such as nylon or spandex, microfiber, velvet, cotton, wool or other fabrics.