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07 September, 2012

Halloween Costume

The inspiration of the expected scary halloween costumes comes of classic horror films, comics or from an original idea.
anime halloween costumes
Celebrate Halloween involves that children ask the famous "calavera" on each door of the nearest houses, decorate the home with clever decorations such as ceramic figurines, and perform a basic protocol parties where, in most cases, is disguise.
scary halloween costumes
As in many Halloween parties, classic elements like Dracula, Frankenstein, goblins, witches, mummies, skeletons, death, ghosts, black widow or pumpkins are a must, as well as recreation or other characters like Merlina Addams.

28 July, 2012

Steampunk-Butler-Maid Costume

Other than video game cosplay costumes, Maid Costumes and Steampunk Butler made it also to the top in the anime world of fashion.
Jia Gold Bustamante cosplay as Sebastian Michaelis in Kurushitsuji
French maid or meido in Japanese is a popular anime video game costumes. French equivalent of the word maid who is used to refer to persons wearing a home uniform, often based on the image of French Maid in Japan. These include a type of cosplay as well as fashion shows in the Maid Cafe.
Maid Costume also used in an anime to describe a common type of female character in the manga and anime works as a maid or servant.

07 July, 2012

Cosplay in Disguise

Ever wonder to cosplay by hiding your personal identity.  Remember the transformers, "robots in disguise."  Nonetheless, in the world of anime, and marvel comic cosplay, you can dress too without revealing your face by selecting some zentai or morph suit and mask.
Marvel Comics - Iron Spiderman and Original Spiderman - video game cosplay costumes

A Zentai ( "full-body tights") is a very close-fitting body suit, which also includes head, hands and feet (and sometimes even individual toes). Zentai consists mostly of elastic materials such as nylon or spandex, microfiber, velvet, cotton, wool or other fabrics.

12 June, 2009

Kimono : Japanese National Dress

Kimono is a japanese national dress, simply means things to wear.

Persons of the royal court sometimes wore up to sixteen kimono layers but of course worn also based off a persons age or by the event.
Design and appearance of Kimono may vary on season.