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14 June, 2017

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten - Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Rokuaka, is a series of Japanese light novels written by Tarou Hitsuji and illustrated by Kurone Mishima. The manga, designed by Aosa Tsunemi, began its pre-publication in the March 26, 2015 issue of Monthly Shounen Ace. The series also receives an anime TV adaptation by Liden Films which is broadcast in Japan since April 2017.

The story revolves around Sistine Fibel, a noble magician and her best friend Rumia Tingel. These go to the well-known magic academy of Fejite, hoping to solve the mystery of the enigmatic Celestial Castle of Mergalius. However, a replacement instructor, Glenn Radars, who is rather lazy and incompetent, suddenly takes charge of the Sistine class. When he desires, the essence of all types of magic is taught at the academy.

16 January, 2017

Rewrite Visual Novel

Rewrite is a visual novel Japanese developed by Key, published for Microsoft Windows. It is yet another of the game Key, creator of other titles as Kanon, Air and Clannad. The gameplay follows a plot that offers predefined scenarios of interaction with various courses, which focus on six heroines.

Publishing ASCII Media Works and Ichijinsha published four adaptation of the game in the form of manga. The resulting also anthologies, novels illustrated and artbook, as well as several music albums. Adaptation of the game in the form of a 13-episode television anime series, produced by Studio 8-Bit and directed by Tensho, was broadcast between July and September 2016 years. In January 2017 it will begin to issue its second season.

05 December, 2014

Nanana's Buried Treasure-Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

Nanana Ryuugajou's Buried Treasure is a series novels slight Japanese, written by Kazuma Otorino and illustrated by Akaringo.  An anime adaptation souls of the A-1 Pictures was broadcast in Japan in the container Noitamina of Fuji TV between April 10 and June 19, 2014.
The original novel "Buried Treasure Nanana " won the Grand Prix of the 13th Entertainment Awards, which was the first Grand Prix in eight years. This animated series features the adventures and challenges of Jugo Yama was looking through the historic ruins of the island of Nanae for great treasures Alias ​​" Nanana Collection " and the extraordinary characters that he meets along the way.

24 November, 2014

Riddle Story of Devil-Akuma no Riddle

Riddle no Akuma is a manga written by Yun Kōga and illustrated by Minakata Sunao. The anime has been licensed by FUNimation in America North and by Madman Entertainment in Australia.
The story unfolds in Myojo Academy, a private boarding school for girls only. Every normal serious in that institution, if not for all the students of class 10th grade aka black group  are actually disguised murderers whose goal taking life of Ichinose Haru.

03 November, 2014

Robot Girls Z

Robot Girls Z is a television series anime produced by Toei Animation. The series was broadcast on Toei Channel for nine episodes (divided into blocks of three) between January 4th 2014 and March 2 , 2014.

The protagonists of the anime are Z-chan (parody of Mazinger Z ), Gre-chan  (parody of Great Mazinger ) and Grenda-san (parody of UFO Robot Grendizer ). Athough in the course of the episodes appear even parodies of many other characters of the series Toei.

22 June, 2014

Rokujouma No Shinryakusha

Invaders of the Rokujyōma!, the Takehaya novel series is about a high school student who lives with a budget, in a haunted apartment surrounded by magical girls and other quirky neighbors. An anime television series adaptation by Silver Link is scheduled to air from July 2014.

Because of money problems, Kotaro Satomi, a student, was forced to live in a Rokujôma (a tiny apartment about 9 square meters). The apartment at first seems like a good deal: Kotaro does not even no rent to pay ! But over time, he will understand that it is because the apartment is "cursed".

20 April, 2013

Rinne no Lagrange

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne is a television series anime produced by Xebec and Production IG and directed by Toshimasa Suzuki. The first season aired in Japan between January to March 2012, while a second season will begin in July 2012.
Rinne no Lagrange
Kyouno Madoka, a student from Kamogawa, is the only member of the Jersey Club (Club Outerwear) and is always ready to help others. One day, she is approached by a mysterious girl named Lan who asks her to fly a plane robot to defend humanity from the evil forces that are about to attack.

19 December, 2012


Robotics; Notes is an upcoming visual novel developed and published by Japanese 5pb., for the PS3 platform. This is the third chapter in the saga of scientific adventures of 5pb. after Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate and is described as "Adventure of science increased".

Robotics and Notes is a visual novel science fiction in which the player must primarily follow the point of view of the protagonists of the story, Kaito Yashio and Akiho Senomiya.

28 February, 2012

Ranma 1/2

It is a manga and anime humor of Rumiko Takahashi about a boy named Ranma Saotome who suffers a peculiar curse since he fell into a pond cursed during a training Martial arts in China. Since that day, when wetted with water cold becomes a redhead, and by contact with hot water returns to its original state as a boy.
ranma 12

Upon returning to Japan , both will settle in the dojo of Genma's old friend Soun Tendo. Genma and Soun had agreed that their children would marry and be in charge of the Tendo Dojo. Soun has three teenaged daughters: Kasumi , Nabiki and temperamental Akane.

30 November, 2011

Rozen Maiden

It is a unique anime series that tells the story of Jun, a boy who lives isolated from the world and usually buy toys, one day receive a box with a doll that said give him rope. By giving the doll comes to life rope. This doll is one of the Rozen Maiden, which are designed to play the game Alice Game that is to fight each other to steal the mystical Rose Rozen Maiden doll the last one standing will be Alice - The perfect doll. This doll will be remove the power to Jun, who will become a medium.
Rozen Maiden Traumend
The anime held various differences from the original plot of the manga. The series continued into a second season, called Rozen Maiden - Traumend. Season one's Big Bad, Suigintou, is supplanted by a new doll named Barasuishou, and it seems as if the mysterious Rozen, father of the Rozen Maiden, has finally appeared. The OVA, Rozen Maiden Ouverture, focuses on Suigintou's backstory, and shows that Shinku wasn't as good a sister as she'd like to think.

31 October, 2011

Rosario to Vampire

This anime is a cute romantic comedy with a twist. Yokai Academy is a school for monsters, vampires, werewolves, succubus, ghouls and the like.
Vampire rosario
Aono Tsukune is a below average Junior High School student, which couldn’t pass the High School entrance exams, but ‘luckily’ for him his dad picked up the entrance packet dropped but a mysterious monk. So now Tsukune gets to go to Yokai Academy.