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23 February, 2017

Fuuka Series

Fuuka is a manga written and illustrated by Kouji Seo. Published in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shounen Magazine of Koudansha since February 12, 2014 and compiled so far in 13 volumes. It has an anime adaptation by the studio Diomedéa released on January 6, 2017.

Yuu Haruna recently moved to a new city and liked being on Twitter. On the way to buy dinner, he hit a woman of mystery, Fuuka Akitsuki, daughter of a great Japanese athlete and great music enthusiast.

Fuuka Characters:

Yuu Haruna
He is the bassist of the band Fallen Moon (later renamed Blue Wells). After transferring to a school in Tokyo, he meets Fuuka Akitsuki, a mysterious woman who does not have a cellphone. At her request, they form a band, which later performs at their school's school festival. Following Fuuka's death, he meets Fuuka Aoi, an up-and-coming musician who later wishes to join his band.

Fuuka Akitsuki
She is the daughter of the main characters of Seo's previous manga Suzuka. Yū initially meets Fuuka after an incident where she accuses him of taking a peek at her panties. Later on, she decides to form a band with Yū, which is named "Fallen Moon" after her surname, and becomes the band's vocalist, and performs at their school's school festival. She dies after being hit by a truck; her death causes the band to temporarily disband.

Koyuki Hinashi
She is Yuu's childhood friend and a popular singer. Following an incident where she and Yū are seen in public together, she confesses her love for him on national television. After retiring as a solo musician, she secretly forms the band Rabbitz, whose members wear rabbit heads during performances.

Makoto Mikasa
He is the keyboardist of the Blue Wells music band. He is well-liked by his fellow female schoolmates and girls in general. He has won piano competitions in the past.

Kazuya Nachi
He is the drummer of the band. At first relentless at trying to recruit Fuuka to their school's track and field team, he later becomes the "leader" of the music band.

Sara Iwami
She is a student at Yuu and Fuuka's school, and the younger sister of Hisashi, Hedgehogs' guitarist. Like Hisa, She plays the guitar.

Fuuka PV

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