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31 January, 2017

Show By Rock!! Gonna be a Music Millionaire!

Show by Rock !! is a music video game developed and published by Geechs, in collaboration with Sanrio. It is the first product of Sanrio which does not rely on characters directed to a feminine and less public. The game was published July 30, 2013 for iOS and 27 June 2014 for Android devices.

An anime adaptation produced by Bones was broadcast in Japan between April and June 2015 on the television network Tokyo MX and is the first night show based on the characters and the franchise of Sanrio. Animated shorts were announced commenced in July 2016, and a second season began in October of the same year.

The game has the function of rhythm game with some similar elements of life simulator . The player can choose up to 20 bands available where each of them will present their own style and their cards to be used during the game. The player can play up to 40 music tracks from the beginning of the game. After the performance, the player will get experience points to level up and get unlockables such as new songs and other content. It will be possible to play special songs during the battles with the boss or the events.

Show By Rock Characters:

Cyan Hijirikawa
Guitar and vocals - is a first-year high school student who is good at music, but is very shy with joining any music club at her school.

Guitar and vocals - a purple rabbit girl who dresses in black clothing. An honor student of a school she attended, she is rather strictly mannered but sociable.

bass and vocals – a Golden Retriever dog girl who has long blonde ears and a ribbon in her hair. She is the smart girl in the group and uses her smartphone anytime, making her shy and unsociable.

Drums and vocals – a pink and black Pyuruian sheep girl with yellow horns, described as an alien who came from the Planet Pyuru. She came to the Sound Planet to research the planet for a new energy source until she is scouted to join the band.

Guitar and vocals - The leader of Shingan Crimsonz, he is a Hedgehog Mummon who aims to be the best rocker in MIDI City. Shown to be as impulsive and vulgar, he usually boast his skills in music and tends to disagree with Aion and Yaiba.

Guitar - He is very calm and yet thinks highly of himself. Usually gets into fights with Crow and Yaiba, he wields the Holy Arc Guitar.

Show by Rock PV
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