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16 January, 2017

Rewrite Visual Novel

Rewrite is a visual novel Japanese developed by Key, published for Microsoft Windows. It is yet another of the game Key, creator of other titles as Kanon, Air and Clannad. The gameplay follows a plot that offers predefined scenarios of interaction with various courses, which focus on six heroines.

Publishing ASCII Media Works and Ichijinsha published four adaptation of the game in the form of manga. The resulting also anthologies, novels illustrated and artbook, as well as several music albums. Adaptation of the game in the form of a 13-episode television anime series, produced by Studio 8-Bit and directed by Tensho, was broadcast between July and September 2016 years. In January 2017 it will begin to issue its second season.

The story Rewrite takes place in the fictional town of Kazamatsuri following a reforestation intensive, the city is invaded by trees and flowers. However, while most parts of the city resemble the countryside, there are also typically urban elements. Most of the scenario takes place in a high school. The first half sees the characters interacting in joyful scenes of everyday life. However, the second half is more serious, rich in emotions, and brings a touch of mystery to the story.

Rewrite Characters:

Kotarou Tennouji
He is a second-year high school student who has a bright personality and is sociable to others. He is a superhuman with two powers called Rewrite and Aurora. Rewrite enables him to permanently restructure and modify any part of his body, including his blood, so as to increase his physical skills.

Kotori Kanbe
She is Kotarou's childhood friend in his class who has few friends and starts attending school regularly after joining the club. She has a playful personality and has an extremely strong pet dog named Chibi-Moth, which is actually a familiar created by Kotori from the body of her dead pet dog Pero.

Chihaya Ohtori
She is a second-year transfer student in Kotarou's class who is very strong, but clumsy. She is also a heroine and in Gaia, has led a sheltered life and now lives with her butler Sakuya Ohtori, who poses as her brother at school despite actually being a familiar.

Akane Senri
She is a third-year student and is referred to as the "School Witch" by other students because of her mysterious nature. She, a heroine in the game, is unenthusiastic towards Kotarou's pursuit of the supernatural, which she initially claims she does not believe in, but is later shown to be a figure of authority in Gaia.

Sizuru Nakatsu
A shy girl on the public morals committee who has excellent hearing, eyesight and can read lips. She has heterochromia, though wears an eyepatch over her golden-colored right eye as she is very self-conscious about it; her left eye is blue.

Lucia Konohana
Another heroine and the class representative of Kotarou's class. She is easily agitated by the antics of boys and often punches Kotarou when he annoys her. She is obsessed with cleanliness and always wears gloves.

Rewrite Anime Teaser

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