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11 January, 2016

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu-Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is a manga written and drawn by Yusei Matsui. An animated television series produced by the studio Lerche is broadcast since January 2015 on Fuji TV in Japan and simulcast on Anime Digital Network and the chain Mangas. A second season is broadcast since January 2016.

The story is set in Kunugigaoka college. Koro-sensei is a strange creature responsible for the partial destruction of the Moon. He then plans to destroy the Earth in March. It then presents the government and announced to want to become the head teacher of the class for 3-E power train as assassins and eliminate their target: Koro-sensei.

Students in this class will therefore intended to murder their teacher in order to save the Earth, the reward is 10 billion yen. However a problem arises: Koro-sensei travels at Mach 20, has tentacles endless functions and is also an excellent teacher! The government will accept to be able to keep an eye condition that Koro-sensei does not make harm to students.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Characters:

He is the teacher of the class 3-E Kunugigaoka college. This name was given to him by Kayano Kaede because it is a teacher (sensei) not to kill (korosenai). It is equipped with enormous tentacles and has a smile on his face; so it is quite similar to the octopus. The color of his face changes with his​​mood.

Tadaomi Karasuma
Agent of the Ministry of Defence, he became the PE teacher of the class E. Serious and responsible, it is difficult to take him by surprise and it is not impressionable.

Irina Poufanovitch
Secretly hired a professional killer to teach foreign languages ​​in class E, it is a luscious woman and cunning. It is nicknamed Miss Pouffe and Professor Pouffe by students. Blame it on his behalf, Poufanovitch, which can be interpreted pun like "bitch" or "bursts" understandable in Japanese, French and English, and also to his haughty behavior that made her alienating students first.

Karma Akabane
He was returned before the story begins. He is friends with Nagisa. He likes this new "game": kill Koro-sensei. It is the most adventurous and daring of all students. Upon his return, he did not hesitate to give a new meaning to the assassination mission. It brawler discrimination and hate from school to class E.

Nagisa Shiota
She is very smart and tries to identify every weakness of Koro-sensei to find the best way to get to kill him. It was close enough to kill him: he wore a grenade around his neck that one of his comrades pressed the detonator when he was close enough to the teacher. It almost succeeded. It is prone to diversion.

Yuma Isogai 
He's the best boy in class E for weapons. He participated at the request of Koro-sensei, to revenge on Seo and Kaho.

Hiroto Maehara
This is a hot rabbit and was popular with the girls of the school. It will be a story with Kaho, a daughter of a privileged class who will stab him in the back when her boyfriend arrives to stop going around in circles with Maehara. Koro-sensei will help him avenge Kaho and Seo. It is the second best of the boys about weapons.

Manami Okuda
She is very talented in chemistry and trying to kill Koro-sensei with chemical preparations. Professor trap by helping supposedly preparing a potion capable of killing him, but the form for preparing a drug that can make it more liquid and therefore quick and agile. At the request of Koro-sensei, she creates special balls for revenge on Kaho and Seo.

Tomohito Sugino
He's a friend of Nagisa. It's crazy Yukiko Kanzaki. He tries to talk to him and get to know her to be able to get away with it. He's good for passing information between several people. He participated in the vengeance orchestrated by Koro against Kaho-sensei and Seo, snobs high school growing Maheara. This is a great baseball player!

She is an RN Norway formatted to kill Koro-sensei.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Season 2 Trailer

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