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09 January, 2015

Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah.Zero is an animated television series Japanese belonging to the genus mecha. The first season is broadcast between July and September 2014, and the second season will start in January 2015.

In 1999, following the discovery of a stargate on the moon happened in 1972, a war erupts between the humans living on Earth and those who immigrated to Mars, leaving devastated following the natural satellite of Earth. Several years later is still living aftermath of that conflict.

1972 saw the space mission Apollo 17 on the side of the moon a Hypergate by which humanity with the settlement of Mars began. The colonists led by Doctor Rayregalia verse Rayvers discovered this ancient ruins with a Aldnoah mentioned far superior technology. To use their monopoly arose a conflict between the settlers and the earth, as a result of the 1985 Mars as Empire verse declared its independence. As part of this potential threat the world ended the Cold War and joined together to form a world government. The second emperor of verse Gillsaia declared 1999 the world war, which in the course of fighting the Hypergate got out of control, and the half moon pulverized.

The lump of the moon falling on the earth directed to wreak havoc, particularly in North and South America, who lost by huge impact crater about half of its land mass. Since by this Heaven's case ("Skyfall") next to 50% of the world's population was killed the Emperor of verse, both sides signed a cease-fire. After the death of his son Gillsaias Rayregalia again took the title of emperor. Cut off from Mars remained the 37 "Mars Knight" - Persons power of the Emperor Aldnoah received and represent the nobility of the Empire - in Earth orbit. Through the power of Aldnoah they can Kataphrakt said, based on ancient Mars technology, control mechs that are all Erdwaffen far superior, but also possess "the land of castles" called mighty battle stations and maintain their own independent armies. On the ground next to the reconstruction began also in anticipation of a new war with the development of its own, albeit primitive Mechs and introduced compulsory military training in schools.

Aldnoah Zero Characters:

Inaho Kaizuka
He pilots a KG-6 Sleipnir. He is a calm and extremely intelligent boy. Even at times of great distress, he can calmly and quickly analyse the situation and come up with possible answers even when everyone else cannot, including veteran soldiers, who are at a loss when dealing against enemies equipped with more superior Martian technology than the ones on Earth.

Slaine Troyard
He pilots the Martian Kataphrakt Tharsis. He is shown to be very friendly with Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia, being completely loyal to her. When presented with the possibility of her being alive, he boldly went after her alone. His loyalty to the her can be further attested by the fact that even when he was being tortured, he would still not reveal that she was alive.

Asseylum Vers Allusia
The Princess of the Vers Empire, daughter of Gilzeria, and granddaughter of Rayregalia Vers Rayvers. She is an idealist and pacifist. She believes in peaceful solutions and she sees the people of the Earth in a good light. Unlike many of the Martians shown so far, she seems to treat the people of Earth as equal humans. Asseylum appears to be regretful of the actions that led to the Second Earth-Mars War between the Martians and the people of Earth, yet she feels that she has the responsibility to help stop the war.

Inko Amifumi
She is a kind and caring girl, who trusts her friends and their abilities. She seems to be intelligent and good at studying. She is a member of the student council and often drags her friends into helping out with the activities such as directing traffic for Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia's visit.

Rayet Areash
She seems to be a cold, apathetic and calm individual. She doesn't show many emotions, especially after the death of her father and his comrades. Rayet strongly desires revenge against the Martians who betrayed and killed her father and his comrades. She does not understand how Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia can get along with Terrans despite being a Martian. Rayet has also called all Martians her enemies.

Nina Klein
She is usually a cheerful girl, who seems to be relatively simple. She likes wearing pretty clothes, even exchanging her school uniform for Princess Asseylum's dress.

Yuki Kaizuka
She is a easy-going and carefree woman, sometimes unsystematic as she has to be cooked for and woken up by her younger brother. Although, she will get serious and determined when needed. She is also very caring and often worries over her brother. She puts the people's safety above her own.

Count Cruhteo is an extremely proud individual. He strongly believes in the strength of VERS and its people, which is part of the reason why he treats the Terrans so horribly. He is also loyal to the Royal Family of VERS, however he is not hesitant to use the death of Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia as an excuse to go to war, showing his darker side. Cruhteo seems to respect those who are loyal and do not give up.

She is extremely respectful of Princess Asseylum and seems to harbor some of the negative preconceptions that Martians have of the people of the Earth. Eddelrittuo is usually quite concerned about her well being. Eddelrittuo gets annoyed when people do not refer to her properly and haughtily attempts to correct them. Her attitude towards the humans of Earth gradually softens.

Aldnoah Zero Trailer

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