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20 March, 2013

Amnesia-visual novel

It is a visual novel created by Japanese Idea Factory. It was first released in August 2011 available first for the PlayStation Portable. During the party Otomate 2012, the production of an adaptation to the anime was announced with a release in 2013.
Amnesia anime
In Japan, Amnesia is classified as an otome game (targeted at a female audience) and like most otome games, the player takes the role of the female lead who can choose among a variety of male characters as his "love interest ".

anime Amnesia

But in Amnesia, the male characters with which the female protagonist can interact are based on the symbols of a deck of cards with the following arguments (commonly known as "routes") in the game: heart, spade, diamond, clover and the joker. Depending on the route you choose, their relationship with each character is different.
Amnesia anime 2013

It all begins on the morning of August 1, when the protagonist wakes up and discovers that no recollection of the past. He has amnesia. A boy appears to her and appears as a spirit called Orion. The protagonist makes every effort to regain his memory with the help of Orion. Realizing that every day I wake up is the same date but different guy.

Amnesia Characters:

Amnesia heroine

Heroine Shujinko (no default name can be changed)
She is the protagonist of the story who has lost all his memories. In the anime is a quiet person and has few dialogues comparing their boyfriends assumptions.

Amnesia shin

Shin Shinano
Friend and childhood sweetheart of the protagonist, and great childhood friend of Toma. He is in 3rd year of high school and is now studying hard to get into college. He likes to play cards and participate in the running club. His favorite animal is the dog.

Amnesia ikki

He is the best friend of Kent. He also likes to play darts, billiards and table tennis. Ikki is good at anything you have to use your hands. Her favorite animal is supposed to be the hamster. Its symbolic path in the game is the "sword". Despite its popularity with women is a faithful and loving staff. In the anime at the end of Chapter 4.

Amnesia toma

He is a childhood friend of Shin and Heroine. He likes to play basketball, cycling, surfing the Internet, playing video games, cooking and reading. He is in a number of school clubs, such as football, broadcasting, archery and newspaper.

Amnesia kent

He is the best friend of Ikki and go to the same college. He likes to observe and mathematical puzzles. His personality is to be calculated and cold but sometimes someone can become very passionate, in the course of a couple of anime is Heroine and never prove anything to her even though they are a couple. In the anime appears in Chapter 7.

Amnesia ukyo

He is a famous photographer with a split personality. He is in a lot of different clubs triathlon, cheerleading, hula dance, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, kabaddi, dance, art, equestrian, debate and about 15 more clubs. Its symbolic path in the game is the 'joker'.

Amnesia PV

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