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21 November, 2012

A Channel

The manga tells the odd school adventures of four elementary school girls: Run Momoki, Toru Ichii, Yuko Nishi and Nagisa Tennoji. The manga has also had an animated transposition with a series anime of 12 episodes aired in 2011.
A Channel anime
The manga begins at the time when Run is taken in the second grade at the school and Toru finally can attend the same school, even though it is a class below it. They have to do an awful for her first statement. Run has been able to win in the meantime two new girlfriends. These are Yuuko "Yuko" Nishi and Nagisa "Nagi" Tennoji, which looks at particular Toru and Yuuko as rivals for the love to run.

anime A Channel

A Channel Characters: 

Toru Ichii
Toru Ichii 
She's a girl for first grade and of short stature. Because of its size, Toru often has trouble finding clothes her size. Run is a friend since childhood and has a bad first impression of Yuko.

Run Momoki

Run Momoki 
She is a blonde girl second grade, and Toru's best friend.

Yuko Nishi

Yuuko "Yuko" Nishi 
She is a girl with long Capeli second-grade classmate and Run. It is often teased by Run because of its funk.

Nagi Tennoji

Nagisa "Nagi" Tennoji 
She's a girl and second grade classmate Run. She has braids and wears glasses. Run and the other girls refer to her by her nickname, Nagi. When not wearing glasses its appearance changes completely.

Yutaka Imai

Yutaka Imai 
She is a girl for first grade classmate of Toru. Constantly trying to become friends with Toru, which is big fan.

A Channel  Trailer

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