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28 July, 2012

Steampunk-Butler-Maid Costume

Other than video game cosplay costumes, Maid Costumes and Steampunk Butler made it also to the top in the anime world of fashion.
Jia Gold Bustamante cosplay as Sebastian Michaelis in Kurushitsuji
French maid or meido in Japanese is a popular anime video game costumes. French equivalent of the word maid who is used to refer to persons wearing a home uniform, often based on the image of French Maid in Japan. These include a type of cosplay as well as fashion shows in the Maid Cafe.
Maid Costume also used in an anime to describe a common type of female character in the manga and anime works as a maid or servant.
The suit is a set of clothes and matching accessories and made to be worn together. It can be made freely or be imposed, as in the case of professional clothing.  The costume can be a symbol of belonging to people, a country, a brotherhood, a sect, a religion or other group.

Meido characters differ from the traditional image of the typical maid being young, highly attractive, leading usually a maid outfit similar to French designs. In the manga and anime shonen and seinen the outfit is a fetish almost universal short on show the legs and chest, and as a rule with a white apron which varies in length.

The characters typically meido share the same personality traits, representing female submissive to their employers, normally with sexual connotations, in series that are commonly plagued with fanservice. A repeated element in the plots with characters starring meido is that this character has romantic feelings for his master on his back (especially if it is young).

The meido commonly found in a context of light comedy.  Many series bishojo containing scenes of characters in big houses or doing spring cleaning often used as meido cliché Characters.


The Steampunk aesthetic is a physical reproduction of clothing that can or could be found in the literature Steampunk.  When in doubt, wear Victorian style. People in this era were the first to appraise on steam technology, so that affected their daily lives, so here there is nothing surprising in that most of the steam punk art took place in the world and is heavily inspired Victorian by it. If you're worried that your outfit is "too Victorian," you're probably costumed properly.
from Steamboy

The Steampunk Clothing means creating an outfit that it is colorful, entertaining the wearer, and catch the viewer. Never feel obligated to take your suit because you think something other than "steampunk enough." Do not feel pressured to add a collection of "steampunk status symbols" (the goggles are the most maligned, but all love) if you are good with your dress or attitude you are trying to represent.
Sebastian Michaelis in Kurushitsuji

There is no " Color steampunk. " Some people say that Steampunk is just brown, black or white, just light or dark alone. They are wrong. Virtually any color can be steampunk (though not advise neon). If you like using black, there is a steampunk justification; if you like using brown, there is a steampunk justification; if you like using bright colors, is a steampunk justification. Remember, steampunk is set in a world of a major technological advance, so it's perfectly reasonable to use vibrant colors and intricate designs of machinery.
Full Metal Alchemist

These authorized to you like other genres. If you like a style that gets the steampunk (Enlightenment, Pulp Adventure, 60s, Medieval, etc.). Be proud of that. Do not feel pressured and try to adapt to the steampunk fashion. These are genres that people have worked very hard to create, expand and explore, so here we owe something more to them to respect diversity and uniqueness of their differences. We are all different, with very diverse interests. Let this be our pride.

AN 2010 - Steampunk Powers Hetalia Fashion Show

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