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24 October, 2011

Vocaloid - Characters

Software company Yamaha Corporation, Anime Games that imitates the singing voice of the person based on a given melody and text. Any program based on Vocaloid can be divided into two parts: a system of voice synthesis (singing) and library music.
vocaloid singers
First, the singer's voice breaks into small pieces and stored in a database. Next, the user types a new product, introduces notes, rhythm sets, and automatically generates a Vocaloid song, selecting the appropriate text and phoneme sounds. You can change the tone, speed, frequency, applying different effects.

vocaloid singers

vocaloid singers

Vocaloid Characters:

vocaloid miki

SF-A2 Miki
She is voiced by Furukawa Miki of Supercar. She also the eighth Japanese Vocaloid and the first* Vocaloid released by AH-Software.

vocaloid yuki

Kaai Yuki
She is an elementary student Vocaloid released. She is distributed by AH-Software and is the ninth (or tenth) Japanese Vocaloid.

vocaloid hiyama

Hiyama Kiyoteru
He is the vocalist of a rock band named Ice Mountain with the stage name "Ice Mountain Teru".

vocaloid iroha

Nekomura Iroha
She was created in conjunction with Sanrio for their Together with Hello Kitty! video game project.

vocaloid meiko

She was released by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Haigou Meiko. She is the first Japanese Vocaloid to be created, and was released for the original Vocaloid engine.

vocaloid kaito

He is distributed by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Fuuga Naoto. He is constantly attacked by Meiko, the first female Japanese Vocaloid.

vocaloid miku

Hatsune Miku
She is voiced by Fujita Saki. Miku was the one who attracted popularity for the Vocaloid engine through some of her Memetic Mutation videos. She is the first in Crypton's Character Vocal series, and thus has a code-name of CV01. She has a bright, generally-used-for-high-pitch voice, which also has a very large song demographic.

vocaloid rin

vocaloid len

Kagamine Rin / Kagamine Len
They distributed as a package together, Rin and Len make up the second Japanese Vocaloid to be released for the Vocaloid2 engine and the fourth overall. They are distributed by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Shimoda Asami.

vocaloid luka

Megurine Luka
She is voiced by Asakawa Yuu. As the third in Crypton's "Character Vocal" series, she is codenamed CV03.

vocaloid kamui

Kamui Gakupo /Gackpoid
He was designed by Kentaro Miura and is voiced by Gackt. His outfit is based on that of a samurai.

vocaloid gumi

Gumi /Megpoid
She had a design heavily based off Ranka Lee due to the fact that her voicer, Megumi Nakajima, was Ranka's seiyuu.

vocaloid lily

Her design was actually utilized pre-Vocaloidification as an anime image for Matsuda Yuri, vocalist of band m.o.v.e., who provided her voice bank.

vocaloid ryuto

He is distributed by Internet Co. Ltd. as the thirteenth Japanese Vocaloid. He is designed to appeal to young producers.

vocaloid cul

She was designed to help promote the growing Vocaloid culture, aiming to rise awareness and the acceptance of this culture. She'll be voiced by Eri Kitamura.

vocaloid ring

vocaloid lui

Ring Suzune / Hibiki Lui
They are the result of a contest called "Everyone's Vocaloid project", which was sponsored by Yamaha. The original names of the characters were Suzunone Ringu and Lui.

vocaloid piko

Utatane Piko
The design is based on an electric guitar. The voice data is male but has a feminine voice; however, gender factors can easily set to make it more masculine.

vocaloid aki

Yet another new Vocaloid, she is the mascot of Lawson, Inc. It's not confirmed if she will be a public Voicebank, or is a licenced use of the software.

vocaloid aiko

Aoki Lapis
A new upcoming vocaloid confirmed to be using the Vocaloid 3 engine. It is reported that her style of music will be known as "lifestyle", and that she will be targeted towards casual Vocaloid users, and that she has no seiyuu yet.

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