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14 June, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club

Everything was going well for Haruhi Fujioka. A place in the country's most prestigious high school, Ouran High School usually reserved for larger fortunes, a scholarship comfortable to follow his studies in spite of his social position of "ordinary", books of high culture hand ...
ouran club anime ouran high school
Haruhi has the misfortune to push the wrong door one day and the circle of a high school host opens his arms! Formed by six young men most beautiful and wealthy establishment, this circle of some particular school activity's mission bisteroid young girls to spend pleasant moments of relaxing with a cup of tea and cookies, with different themes and moods following the ideas of its leader, the eccentric Tamaki Suou.

The opposite of what Haruhi term "moments of calm and relaxation activities", but an incident will leave him no choice to repay the priceless vase broke during his attempt to escape. Haruhi will work for the circle of guests, first as a footman and then as a full member!
ouran high school host club

It then began a strange ballet of seduction between shots as the prince charming, dark and handsome, the incestuous, the cute little boy and the great protector. Haruhi should go through all that with a lots of patience, maybe to like them?

Ouran High School Host Club Characters:

suou tamaki

Tamaki Suou
He is the only son of the head of the family Suou and a woman with whom he had an affair outside marriage. In the final year of college, he decides to mount a host club by inviting some students come from large families and especially beautiful. He became the president even if in fact Kyoya manages everything in its shadow. Most people call him "King", it is rich, handsome, eloquent speaker and knows how to use and abuse. All girls are crazy.

fujioka haruhi

Haruhi Fujioka
She is the only high school student market Ouran making it a real curiosity to most students because it's all those immensely rich and are therefore surprised by his habit of "proletarians".
Desperately looking for a place to work, it opens the door to the 3rd music room and lands as Alice in Wonderland in the host club Tamaki. Overtaken by events, she tries to escape and inadvertently donate a vase worth 8 million yen to crash into the ground without being able to do anything. There she is ordered to become the stooge Club Tamaki, not obvious to someone who absolutely must remain first in order to keep his scholarship. Taken as a first time for a boy, she will become a host to repay its debt faster.

haninozuka mitsukini

Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Hani is the oldest member of the club hosts and also the smallest. He loves sweets and anything that is cute. Besides, he always walks around with Usa-chan, her stuffed rabbit. It also organizes it with the "Special Cake Night", where it binges during nights of ten cakes. His little brother, therefore, consider it an extraterrestrial. He is the heir of the dojo family but renounced his heritage that required him to renounce all that was cute. He decided to follow Tamaki to find out what true strength is being himself as Tamaki. This choice is widely disapproved of by her little brother who regularly causes a duel to prove that he too is worthy of inheriting the dojo. It is closely related to Morinozuka Takashi, his cousin, with whom he is all the time. This one also feels responsible for Hani always what is widely seen in the chapter where Hani caries.

ootori kyoya

Kyoya Ootori
He is the vice chairman of the breakfast club founded by Tamaki. It is actually the real brains of the club because he programs and plans all activities in the shadow of Tamaki who usually totally forget the practical side and the side of feasible projects. He knows everything about everyone whether club members, clients or even students of the school, any information that is regarded as containing a potential benefit for him. But he nevertheless has a significant feature: like Hani, on waking, it is in a foul mood so much that it scares the other circle members.

twin hitachiin

Kaoru Hitachiin
He is the twin brother Hikaru. Before joining the club hosts, they lived among themselves and to each other and lived only for Hikaru. But since people have learned to open up to others, especially since the advent of Haruhi who is able to distinguish him from his brother. If it looks a lot like Hikaru, physically and psychologically, it is not his clone. Indeed it has a much milder temperament and tends to get his brother before him in all circumstances.

Hikaru and kaoru Hitachiin

Hikaru Hitachiin
He is the twin brother of Kaoru. Before joining the club hosts, they lived among themselves and to each other and lived only for Kaoru. But since people have learned to open up to others, especially since the advent of Haruhi who is able to distinguish him from his brother. If it looks a lot like Kaoru, physically and psychologically, it is not his clone. Hikaru is more reactive than selfish and Kaoru. He tends to take offense easily and also be easily hurt.

morinozuka takashi

Takashi Morinozuka
Mori is the protector of Hani. He follows wherever he goes and uses his techniques to protect or support it. Her little brother is considered as the last samurai of Japan. It is a relatively calm temperament and speaks little. He is particularly fond of animals - it has also adopted a Tanuki and a chick. If instead of Hani, he was able to get up early in the morning, lack of sleep changes completely. He became talkative and even flirty, a sort of clone Tamaki scary indeed.

The Ouran Highschool Host Club Offical English Trailer

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