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15 June, 2011

Black Cat - Train Heartnet

Chronos is an institution that guidelines one third of the world and covert business in assorted areas. Most of the Chronos member occupant intense positions, such as mayors, politicians, among others.
anime black cat
The Supreme Leader of Chronos decrees a secret force of the best killers in the world, vowed to defend Chronos, called the Chrono Numbers, which range from Number 1 to 12. Number 13 is being a special agent, and he is Train Heartnet, also known as Black Cat.

black cat anime
The story follows their adventures of catching rewards and covering one another, as Train holds a violent jealousy against Creed for killing Saya, wanting revenge for her death by taking Creed's life.

Black Cat Characters:

heartnet train

Train Heartnet
He is tasked by Chronos to kill the genetically altered weapon, Eve. However, he fails to pull the trigger, and retreats when her guards arrive. His demeanor was very cool and bordering nonchalant, however as the series progresses he begins to reveal a much warmer and more human side of himself.e is an extremely skilled marksman, able to accurately shoot down bullets from other guns, and make a number of bullets hit at exactly the same time. He is also ambidextrous.

vollfied sven

Sven Vollfied
He is always respectful to women and children and acts very proper. He is a sweeper and Train's partner often tortured by Train's capricious personality and is usually dragged into trouble and even more debt because of it. skilled in inventing and making innovative weapons and other various equipment, including bombs and special bullets for Train.


She has a robotic personality, thinking of the task at hand, and also a genetically engineered bio-weapon that forms a friendship with Sven. She is able to use nanotechnology to transform her body into various weapons.

walker rinslet

Rinslet Walker
She's not cold-hearted and will help others or even destroy what she is hired to steal if the item is dangerous to humanity. She dislikes mentioning of her age. She is a world class thief and can steal just about anything.

minatsuki saya

Saya Minatsuki
Saya learned to fire bullets that ricochet off hard surfaces and strike opponents at odd angles and different velocities. It requires heavy marksmanship experience and a great deal of projectile calculation. Train later uses this skill to commemorate his beloved friend.

river zastory

River Zastory
He is a noble man, willing to risk his life in order to save both friends and strangers. He has more of a carefree attitude. But should the occassion rise he will complete the job given to him. River is trained in the Gerbell Command style, a martial art developed in Talica during a thirty-year war.

reed Diskenth

Creed Diskenth
He is a bloodthirsty murderer who kills as naturally as he breathes and enjoys battles to no end. He will slay even his own followers without hesitation, because they disobeyed him or simply ceased to please him. He his naturally highly fast and agile, being able to jump atop a buiding without effort and to fight normally even with a bullet in the leg. the leader of the Apostles of the Star and a former member of Chronos.

arks sephira

Sephiria Arks
She has the roman numeral I on her forehead, outlined by two opposite lightning bolts to each other. Number I Chronos, as well as the commander of the Chronos Numbers.Sephiria can move so fast that at least three afterimages are left behind when she moves.Sephiria wields Christ,Her swordsmanship is great enough to contend with long range weapons

hazard jenos

Jenos Hazard
He is a member of the Chronos Numbers known as number VII. He is also member of a member of Ceberus, in charge of mid-range attacks. He falls for every woman he meets, and has taken a special interest in Rinslet. Jenos' weapon is Excelion, a glove with indestructible Orichalcon wires attached to each finger, which he uses to tightly grasp or lacerate his opponents.

black cat lin xiao li

Lin Xiao Li
He uses Seiren as a shield to block attacks, as well as a whip for long and short range attacks. He took over as number X after his predecessor, Ash, was killed by Creed.

Black Cat anime trailer

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