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30 May, 2011

Flame of Recca - Eight Flame Dragons

A manga series which was converted into an anime series consisting of forty-two episodes that follow the adventures of a teenage boy who is fascinated by ninja. It is also filled with exciting fighting scenes and an interesting storyline spiced with comedy.
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The story starts when Recca meets girl accidentally with a healing force and soon discovers that he holds the inborn ability to handle flames, and finally learn that he is truthfully the son of the sixth generation leader of the Hokage. Recca and his friends are involved in battles with evil characters that harness weapons based on the Chinese elements.

Flame of Recca Characters:


Recca Hanabishi
He is obsessed with ninjas and being a lineage of the leading line of the Hokage. He has the one ability to create Fire. He is rapid to test his strength and is particularly constant when guarding his love, Yanagi Sakoshita.


Fuuko Kirisawa
She's a strong, tomboyish girl who delights in battling, but shrouded her feminine characters. She's the fastest of the team and fights with darts called 'Kiri' and the mad fōne gu, moreover swelling her speed attacks and controlling wind.


Domon Ishijima
He is the first rival of Recca, but teams up with him later when they had to rescue Fuuko Kirisawa. He boastfully declined, thinking that his own strength was enough. However, Kagerou one day snuck on him and replaced his nose ring with Dosei no Wa.

tokiya mikagami

Tokiya Mikagami
He holds Ensui, a sword that uses water. His objective is to look for his sister's killer, because she was killed in front of his eyes. He guards Yanagi because she looks precisely like his sister.


Kaoru Koganei
He uses the Kōgan Anki, a puzzle-like weapon that can transform into five different forms. He is also amazingly athletic, able to reform crazy acts of lightness.


Yanagi Sakoshita
She has the inborn power to heal any physical injuries, and is referred toward by Recca Hanabishi as his "princess".


She is Recca's true mother, and she owns the 'Eikai Kyoku' ("Shadow Ball"), which permits her to teleport through shadows, show people the past, and carries out acts of crying.


He is Recca Hanabishi's older half-brother, and he is also a flame master with the power of the phoenix. Although final introduced as an enemy, he rushed more of an anti-hero as the series proceeds.

Flame of Recca Opening

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