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04 February, 2011

Kawaii Anime Cats-lolcats

Cat is the cutest lovable pet in anime and in the real world.
Is it true that cats really have nine lives?

neko alodia gosiengfiao.

Alodia Gosiengfiao Cosplay as a Neko. So Kawaii.

In Anime manga series Ranma 1/2, Shampoo who transforms into a cat.

Samurai Pizza Cats.

Karupin, Cat of Ryoma Etchizen in Prince of Tennis.

Luna, Artemis, and Diana in Sailor Moon.

Meowth, Team Rockets cat in Pokemon.

Hello Kitty, The most famous cat in Japan Animation

Other than anime, cats have made a history in the internet.
LOL Cats on the Internet
LOLcats on teh Internet
Source: Online Education

Funny Cats Video Compilation


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