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28 January, 2011

Transformers 3 Toys - Dark of the Moon

Ever wonder new TF3 toys from Movie this year.
TF3 Toys MegatronThere are lots of unofficial images around the net, and here are some of those up to date.
Transformers 3 Toys MegatronThe movie will be on theater by 7-01-11 or July 01, 2011.

Transformers 3 Movie Trailer - Dark of the Moon

TF3 Cast MovieThere will be a new leading lady, who is a super model Rosie Huntington Whitely,

Wreckers Toys Transformers
And looks like racing cars characters known to be as "the Wreckers" on autobot. Some spoiler name as NASCAR Trio, Prowl in green, Smokescreen in red and Bluestreak in blue.

Topspin vehicle mode



Topspin Robot Mode

smokescreen nascar toysSmokescreen of the The Wreckers

Crankcase Robot Mode

alpha trion TF3On official Transformers3 Movie Trailer scene, the last robot in the moon is supposed to be the Alpha Trion. AlphaTrion an ancient mechanoid which is father figure for Optimus Prime.

Sentinel Prime

TF3 Box ToyMechTech front Box of Megatron in TF3, and ironhide on the top cover.

Megatron Robot Mode TF3Megatron Robot mode

Vehicle mode TF3Megatron vehicle mode in actual


Ironhide Robot Mode

Ironhide vehicle Mode

bumble bee TF3The new bumblebee toy of TF3

Starscream Robot Mode

Starscream Jet Mode

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