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15 December, 2010

Plants VS Zombies:Cosplay-Toys-Games

Plants Vs Zombies is a wonderful action game created by the Popcap that has amusement devoted Zombies attacking your home and the only way you can defend yourself is by using cherry bombs, wall-nuts, peashooters to eliminate Twenty-six types of zombies before they can attain your front door.
This Game is seriously addictive.

Zombies Cosplayers

Here are the characters:

is a one duration purpose plant. It is capable of repelling fog and balloon zombies.

Buckethead Zombie: His bucket hat makes him extremely resistant to damage. Toughness is high and its weakness is magnet-shroom. Buckethead Zombie always wore a bucket. Part of it was to attest his uniqueness in an unsympathetic world. Mostly, he just overlooked it was there in the first place.

The Cabbage-pult shoots half as fast as a Peashooter, but does almost twice as much damage. The cabbages are not halted by screens, hitting the zombies speedily in the head. It can fire from the lower sections of the roof, letting you fit more objectionable power on the map. It can also hit Screen Door Zombie and Ladder Zombies through over doors and ladders, and Snorkel Zombies while they're underwater similar to all lobbed shot plants.

The Cactus works much similar a Peashooter, except that it can as well shoot down Balloon Zombies, and its shots are not burned by Torch woods.

The Cattail has the destruction and rate of fire of a Repeater. The spikes it fires are homing, and can strike zombies anywhere but not in underwater.

The Cherry Bomb explodes almost immediately after laying it. It is a one-time use plant, but can be planted as often as the seed packet recharges. On detonation, it kills zombies within one square from its location and slantwise as well as vertically and horizontally. Like other exploding plants, it can eliminate any enemy except for the Gargantuar in one detonation.

The Chomper can destroy any zombies other than a Gargantuar or Dr. Zomboss in one bite - even Zombonis. It will consume about 40 seconds chewing its meal, during which time it is at risk and cannot eat another zombie. If a Gargantuar is in front of it, and there are no other zombies that the Chomper can by any means eat apart from the Gargantuar, and it is not presently chewing, it will bite at a distance the Gargantuar and do small amounts of damage until it takes squished.

Cob Cannon has a missile effect and animation. The missile itself is a cob of corn, which grasps anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute. Once ready, the player can pop on the corn and then assign a target on the grid. The cob missile has a disastrous effect, much like that of a Cherry Bomb, and will still require two successive hits on a Gargantuar to kill it. The missile ordinarily takes about 2-3 seconds between starting and detonating. The Cob Cannon, although highly costly, is very impressive and can rule whole waves of zombies very rapidly.

Coffee Bean: Position the coffee bean on a sleeping mushroom to wake it up.

Doom-Shroom: Plant it and watch it clear the screen. It has a radius of about three squares. It seizes about three minutes for the cavity to vanish, through which time. Nothing can be planted there. The Doom-shroom will also muddy the water or crater roof tiles, destroying the Lily Pad or Flower Pot it was planted on.

Flower Pot: Plant it on the roof, and then put a plant in it. Flower Pots do not have any attacks, and do not have any pointe outside of the roof levels, but have just partly above the standard amount of health. To plant any explosives like Cherry Bombs or Doom-shrooms on roof levels, a flower pot is needed before hand. If a Doom-shroom detonates on top of it, it is devastated and a crater performs in the roof. The toughest anti-zombie barrier in the entire game is when you plant a flower pot, a Pumpkin on top of it, and position.

Fume-shrooms do the same damage at a similar rate of fire as a Peashooter. However, they do it to everyone in less than four squares in front of it, so place the Fume-shroom accordingly. This mushroom can be upgraded to the Gloom-shroom after you buy it from Crazy Dave.

Garlic is an item that can be bought. Its purpose is to an area off Vampyres, turn Wario super, as well as cause Zombies to throttle and alteration their initial direction. This weapon can render itself victoriously when used appropriately. If integrated with Spikerock Zombies haven't a possibility at survival.

The Grave Buster doesn't do any damage itself, but it can help avoid damage by detaching Graves where zombies might occur, and by permitting you plant where you couldn't formerly. Simply plant a Grave Buster on a grave to eject it. Be cautious. However, as zombies can eat the Grave Buster while it's working, it takes about 4.5 seconds to devastate a grave, and if it's discontinued, the process has to be started over again. Once the Grave Buster has ended eating the gravestone, you will be repaid with a silver coin.

Newspaper Zombie: His tabloid provides limited defense. Toughness is low while Speed is normal, subsequently Fast after missing newspaper because it was close to finishing his sudoku puzzle. No wonder he's freaking out.

Pole Vaulting Zombie: It vaults with a pole. Durability is medium and Speed is fast, then ordinary after a jump. While Special can jumps the first plant he flees into. Some zombies take it further, dream more, push themselves superior to the normal into immensity. That's Pole Vaulting Zombie precise in attendance. That is so him.

Screen Door Zombie: It can screen door is an effective shield. Toughness is low while Screen Door Toughness is high. Its Weakness is fume-shroom and magnet-shroom. He got his screen door from the last in expertly defended home he visited, after he ate the home owner's brains.

Zombie: Regular Garden-variety Zombie. Its toughness is low. This zombie loves brains. It can't get enough. Brains, brains, brains, day in and night out. Regular zombie wants them.
Plants VS Zombies plushies

Plants VS Zombies on Nintendo DS


Plants VS Zombies on iPhone



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