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20 July, 2010

Life-Sized Evangelion Genesis-EVA-01 Project

After the life-sized Gundam RX-78-2 in Japan last July 2009, This coming July 23 ,2010, Japan's Fuji-Q HighLand amusement park shall unveil the world's first life-size bust of the Evangelion Genesis EVA-01 Project for there public exhibition.
EVAngelion 01 ProjectThe bust measures about 30 feet tall or 9 meters and 52 feet wide or 16 meters.
Life sized EVA-01EVA-01 and Evangelion Pilots
Cosplay as Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami, and Makinami Mari

The pavilion's main attraction refreshes the scene where the anime's leading character Shinji Ikari encounters the EVA-01 unit in its 7th Cage shelter for the first time.
Evangelion Life sizedThe structure costs of the whole facility subsequently added up to $1.6 million US dollar or 150 million yen.

Evangelion PilotCosplay as Makinami Mari, Rei Ayanami, and Asuka Langley Soryu




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