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20 August, 2014

Mouretsu Pirates

Miniskirt Space Pirates is a series of Light_novel written by Yuichi Sasamoto.  An adaptation animated series is produced by Satelight under the title Bodacious Space Pirates.

In a future where space travel is commonplace, Marika Kato is a young student who leads an ordinary life as a member of the club of space sail and works part time in a maid cafe retro. One day, she learns of the death of his father, who turns out to be a space pirate with a letter of marque (a pirate ). Marika legally becomes the captain of the ship "The Bentenmaru."

19 August, 2014

Haitai Nanafa

Haitai Nanafa is a television series anime directed by Hiroshi Kimura. It was broadcast for the first time in Japan since October 6, 2012 on Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting. A second season of 13 episodes was broadcast from 6 April  to 29 June 2013.

The story of the anime revolves around Nanafa Kyan, a lively little girls middle school, who works at the restaurant soba grandmother's two sisters and has a bigger with great charm and a smaller one, however able to warn the supernatural forces. The life of Nanafa and her family changes when their house becomes the stage for the appearance of numerous spirits.

17 August, 2014

Noragami-Stray God

Noragam is a manga written and drawn by mangaka duo AdachiToka. An adaptation animated television series produced by Studio Bones aired between January and March 2014.

Yato is a wandering god forgotten by humans. He travels Japan to execute the wishes of mortals in the hope of converting enough faithful to finally have a temple to honor and worship worthy of its name. His fate is found upset the day he meets a schoolgirl, Iki Hiyori, who risks his life to save a road accident. This event transforms half ghost and determined to return to normal, she decided to follow Yato until he agreed to solve the problem.

16 August, 2014

Future Card Buddyfight

Future Card Buddyfight is a collectible card game created by Bushiroad Japanese. The first products started launching simultaneously worldwide from January 24, 2014. An anime adaptation of the television series made ​​by OLM, Inc. began airing from January 4, 2014.

The story is set in the new capital of Japan, Cho Tokyo, where humans mingle with the warrior-monsters from the parallel world Shinkinkai through the Buddyfight.